Annals of Air and Space Law 2012

McGill Faculty of Air and Space Law
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Annals of Air and Space Law 2012

Table of Contents:

"Questioning the Regulation of Aviation Safety" by P. Paul Fitzgerald

"The Role of the Judiciary in Aviation Safety - The Inside Story and Legacy of Dryden Revisted" by Virgil P. Moshansky and Donald L. Van Dyke

"Achieving Global Safety in Civil Aviation - A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Safety Oversight Mechanisms" by Md Tanveer Ahmad

"The Regulations of Air Navigation Services in the Single European Sky - The Laws of Increasing Complexity" by Francis Schubert

"The Law and Practice Relating to Aeronautical Treaties and Agreements" - by Ruwantissa Abeyratne

"Fair Competition, Subsidy, and State Aid Clauses in International Air Services Agreements" by Sean McGonigle
"Enforcement of Anti-Predation Laws in the Airline Industry" by Kate Markhvida

"Is the Arab Take-Off Imminent? Opportunities for the Development of the North African Air Transport Sector Following the Arab Spring" by Charles E. Schlumberger and Nora Weisskopf

"An Analysis of the Space Policies of the Major Space Faring Nations and Selected Emerging Space Faring Nations" by Graham Gibbs

"Liabilities for Damage Caused by Space Objects under International and National Law" by Paul Stephen Dempsey

"Satellite Navigation Systems - The Impact of Interoperability" by Stefan A. Kaiser

"Findings of an Independent Review of Canada's Remote Sensing Space Systems Act of 2005" by Ram S. Jakhum, Catherine Doldirina, and Yaw Ou Mankata Nyampong

"Federal Jurisdiction over Aerodromes in Canada - Settled Law, Questionable Public Policy" by Gary Adams
"Les Droits des Passagers Aériens de l'Union Européenne" by Mathieu Vaugeois

"A Regime for Third-Party Liability for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Services - Recent Developments at Unidroit" by Lena Peters

"Report of the Rapporteur of the Special Sub-Committee on the Preparation of an Instrument to Modernize the Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft of 1963" by Alejandro Piera

ISSN : 0701-15837

Published by: Institute and Centre of Air and Space Law, McGill University.

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Annals of Air and Space Law 2012
Annals of Air and Space Law 2012