Annals of Air and Space Law 2013

McGill Faculty of Air and Space Law
Hard Cover

Annals of Air and Space Law 2013

Table of Contents:

"LCCs for LDCs: The Transferability of the Low-Cost Carrier Business Model to Developing Countries" by Charles E. Schlumberger and Nora Weisskopf

"Current Air Transport Regulations in Indonesia" by H.K. Martono and Amad Sudiro

"Main Contents and Prospects of the Air Transport Law Enacted Newly in the Korean Revised Commercial Act" by Doo Hwan Kim

"Foreign Ownership and the Future of the National Airline" by Andrew Harrington

"Le Ciel Unique Européen: Fonctionnement et Mise en Œuvre" by Mathieu Vaugeois

"Modernisation du Transport Public Aérien Français: Service Public et Hélicoptère Civil" by Marion Hiriart

"The Relevance of ITU Regulations for Clarifying the Space Debris Concept and Strengthening Guidelines on the Removal of Satellites at the End of their Functional Life" by Philip de Man

"Legal Issues on Sub-orbital Space Tourism: International and National Law Perspectives" by Upasana Dasgupta

"Points of Connection: Relating ICAO Annex 14 to Spaceports" by Diane Howard

"The Emergence of National Space Law" by Paul Stephen Dempsey

"Conflict and Conciliation of National Space Laws" by Diego Zannoni

"Overview of the Current Situation and Improvement of Chinese Space Legislation" by Caixia Yang

"Assessing the APEC Multilateral Agreement After 5 Years of Inactivity" by Sean McGonigle

"Aircraft Repossession in India—Turbulence Ahead, Buckle Up!" by Nithya Narayanan

"Just Culture and the Obligation on States to Prosecute under the Chicago Convention" by Christoph Kaupat

"Just Culture Principles in Aviation Law from a European Perspective" by Francesca Pellegrino

"EU Regulation No. 261 and the US Department Of Transportation Regulation of Advertising, Tarmac Delays and Customer Service" by Thomas Whalen

"Aviation Safety Requires Global Uniformity: Taiwan, the Gap in the Global Aviation System" by Paul Stephen Dempsey and Kuan-Wei Chen

"Montreal Convention Ousts All: Canadian Courts Rule on Exclusivity" by Mark Andrew Glynn

"Humankind Space Migration" by George Robinson

ISSN: 0701-15838

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Annals of Air and Space Law 2013 Mcgill
Annals of Air and Space Law 2013 Mcgill