Ascent of Women

A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother's Daughter

Sally Armstrong
Penguin Random House Canada


From Africa to Asia, women are the key to progress on ending poverty, violence and conflict. In this #1 national bestseller, award-winning humanitarian and journalist Sally Armstrong shows us why women are the way forward and introduces us to the leading women who are making change happen, from Nobel Prize winners to little girls suing for justice.

This book is about the final frontier for women: having control over your own body, whether in zones of conflict, in rural villages, on university campuses or in your own kitchen.

Ascent of Women describes the perilous journey that brought women to this point. It is the story of a dawning of a new revolution, whose chapters are being written in mud-brick houses in Afghanistan; on Tahrir Square in Cairo; in the forests of the Congo, where women still hide from their attackers; and in a shelter in northern Kenya, where 160 girls between 3 and 17 are pursuing a historic court case against a government who did not protect them from rape. Sally Armstrong brings us these voices from the barricades, inspiring and brave.

Biography & Autobiography

Women’s Studies

Political Science

Human Rights

Feminism & Feminist Theory

Publication Date: February 18, 2014

288 pages

Ascent of Women by Sally Armstrong
Ascent of Women by Sally Armstrong