Strengths-Based Nursing Care

Health and Healing for Person and Family


This is the first practical guide for nurses on how to incorporate the knowledge, skills, and tools of Strength-Based Nursing Care (SBC) into everyday practice. The text, based on a model developed by the prestigious McGill University Nursing Program, signifies a paradigm shift in nursing care from a model based on problems, deficits, and pathology to one that focuses on individual, family, and community strengths as a cornerstone of effective nursing care. The testimony of 46 nurses demonstrates how SBC can be effectively used in multiple settings across the lifespan.

The book develops the theoretical foundations underlying SBC, promotes the acquisition of fundamental skills needed for SBC practice, and offers specific strategies, techniques, and tools for identifying strengths and harnessing them to facilitate healing and health. According to the SBC model, the text describes how one becomes a nurse through retraining the senses, developing observation skills, and reforming interpersonal and communication skills for clinical judgment and decision-making. The text includes an instructor's guide. Author Laurie Gottlieb has been the recipient of the prestigious Centennial Award of the Canadian Nurses Association, the only award to recognize the 100 most influential nurses in Canada.

Key Features:

Provides the first complete, foundational, and practical textbook on Strength-Based Nursing Care
Teaches how to identify, engage, and nurture existing and new strengths to enhance health and healing
Integrates testimony and clinical insights from 46 nurses using SBC in clinical practice
Emphasizes clinical and critical inquiry, clinical grasp and judgement, decision-making, and evidence-based practice

Strengths-Based Nursing Care
Strengths-Based Nursing Care