Textbook Rentals

Bookstore Textbook Rental – Right off the shelves

Please visit our Ave du Parc store for all rentals 1.

Renting your textbooks is an excellent way of keeping your overall course materials costs down. A rented text can save you up to 40% over the price of a new copy.

The In-Store Process

Books available for rent will have a sign on the shelf. No sign means that the book is not available for rent. There are limited numbers of books available for rent.

If you find an eligible book, grab a copy and go to the Textbook rental desk (see in-store signs). Carefully read and fill out a rental agreement. You must have a valid McGill student I. D. card as well as a picture I. D. to rent a textbook.

Once your contract is signed, take the book to the cash with your other purchases.
The cashier will process your transaction.
Sign the cash receipt (which is also the rental contract).
Study hard!

Return the book to the bookstore before the due date (which appears on your receipt). You will receive reminder email when the book is due back. Please keep in mind that late returns will not be accepted under any circumstances.

NOTE: 1Textbook rentals are only available at our Ave du Parc location and are not currently available via our Web store.