Institutional Sales

The Institutional Sales Department (former McGill Computer Store - MCS) is dedicated to the support and success of the McGill community. We are committed to the mission of Ancillary Services to provide efficient and quality assistance to McGill staff and departments, as well as the affiliated teaching hospitals of the MUHC.

We work with our customers to find products best suited for their needs, be that computer supplies (hardware, software, and accessories) or general merchandise (clothing, drinkware, and stationery).

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Institutional purchases paid via FOAPAL must now be processed through McGill MarketPlace, this is to ensure proper fund owner approval of the expenditure prior to delivery of the purchase.

To proceed with a purchase, you must first contact our sales team at with your enquiry or list of products. We will then contact you to discuss the details of your order and create a quote for you to review.

Once you receive the quote and are ready to place your order, you must log in to McGill MarketPlace and create a requisition. To do this, you must open the shopping cart and select “non-catalog item.” This will prompt you to select your supplier; we are listed as McGill Bookstore and Computer Store. You must attach the quote prepared for you to your requisition and enter the total amount including taxes.

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Once the requisition has gone through the appropriate approval process, we will receive an e-mail including the verified PO and we will complete your order.

Assistance with the use of McGill MarketPlace can be found HERE or by contacting Procurement at 514-398-2840.


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