Who We Are

Our store is open year-round and carries new and used textbooks and custom courseware as well as reference and general books, stationery, office supplies, McGill insignia items and confectionery. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our customer service desk. They can be reached HERE.

Our Mission

Contribute to the success of the University's academic mission by providing academic goods and services to the McGill community at the lowest possible price through a self-funded, break-even operation.

Contribute to campus life by returning surplus from the sales of non-academic goods and services directly back to the University.

Ways to Save Money

We are continuously adopting new practices and services in order to provide the best value to our customers. Here are a few ways to save money on your course materials:

  • Textbook Rentals: You can now opt to rent your books instead of purchasing them. This option can save you up to 40% of the original cost. You can find all the details here.
  • Digital Course Packs: We build Course Packs in-house to save you money on books. In addition to the traditional printed versions, we also offer all Course Packs as digital downloads, for immediate access and additional savings. You can save 40-50% of the original print cost when you purchase a digital course pack.
  • Used Textbooks: We offer used textbooks for many of the courses taught at McGill. This option reduces the price of a book significantly. Get more details here.
  • Textbook Buyback: We buy back books from students all year round. With this option you can receive up to 50% of the original value of the book. Details, including hours and locations can be found here.